Steak & French fries (“steak frites”) is a French bistro classic typically prepared with lower cost, high flavor steaks like the hanger.

Ingredients Serves: 3



Optional: Peel the potatoes.


Pour several inches of oil into a wide, deep pot & heat it over high heat until it reaches 325 degrees.


While the oil is heating, cut the potatoes into fries (roughly 1/8” by 1/8” thick). To keep them from browning while you wait, submerge them in water with a little lemon juice.


Strain the fries out of the water and pat them dry with towels.


Carefully the fries to the hot oil & cook for three minutes. Scoop them out of the oil with a slotted spoon or (ideally) a wire spider. Put them on paper towels to drain off any clinging oil.


Increase the heat under the oil to bring it to 375 degrees.


While the fries are draining, season the steaks liberally with salt. Sear them in a hot, oiled frying pan to your desired level of doneness (we recommend Medium Rare – an internal temperature of 130°F).


Put the fries in the hotter oil & fry them again until they turn golden brown. Drain the oil off of them on a fresh batch of paper towels. Sprinkle them liberally with salt.


Serve the steaks & fries with your choice of condiments.